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Content Abstracts

Foot Care
Gives general foot care advice together with foot care tips including signals of general health.

Diabetic Foot Care
Specialist foot care advice for diabetic sufferers.

Foot Problems
Overview of common foot problems with advice on how to detect foot problems, what causes foot problems and what to do if you discover a foot problem.

Ingrown Toenails
Description of ingrown toenails together with advice on how to care for ingrown toenails and the causes of ingrown toenails.

Treatment for bunions
Description together with symptoms of bunions and advice on how to care and prevent bunions.

Foot Corns
Description together with signs of foot corns and advice on how to care and prevent foot corns.

Description and key signs of veruccas together with advice on medical options to treat verrucas.

Athletes Foot
Describes the general condition of athletes foot and gives precautions on how to spot and prevent athletes foot.

Causes of callouses and advice on how to treat a callouses.

Foot Pain
Detailed description of foot including common foot pain regions and arch pain.

Heel Pain
Details the two main types of heel pain and how heel pain is treated.

Childrens Feet Problems
Catergorises the different foot problems to be found in children.

What is a chiropodist
Describes what is a chiropidist or podiatrist with a list of main duties and the training required to become a chiropodist.

Introduction to Vicky Painting registered chiropodist and chiropody services offered.


Vicky Painting: State Registered Chiropidists (SrCh) serving London & the South East.
A list of specialist footwear suppliers from the British Footwear Association.

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